Santa Cruz Bolivia

It has been a busy summer with visits to old world, new world and last frontier. Down in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for a mission with Flying Doctors of America. We did a long trip including an overnight flight from Miami to Santa Cruz via La Paz, Bolivia on a comfortable American Airlines 757. Skipped the dinner tried to get some sleep. After brief stop saw beautiful sunrise as flew east to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the other Bolivia usually not seen in the brochures or travel guides to Bolivia with high Andes and indigenous people with small bowler hats. Santa Cruz is in the plains with agriculture and people of Spanish descent. Santa Cruz is also gateway to Sampiata and Amboro National Park, but more on that at the end of our trip when we will spend 2 days in Sampiata.

Yesterday we visited an art and photography exhibit at the culture center on the town square across from the Cathedral of Santa Cruz. There was some really nice photographs, lithographs and watercolors. The cathedral is an interested structure of red bricks a lot different then the cathedrals we visited earlier this summer in Rome, Florence and Sienna. Also stopped in to the local food court that was just opening. Each of the tiled stalls seemed to be offering similar lunches but I am sure the locals have their own favorites and specialties.

Also happened into a small demonstration in front of the cathedral. Seems like President Evo Morales was planning a road that would cut through a natural area and displace local populations, forest and various wild animals. Sound something like Trump administration without the nukes.