Today drove up Argentina route 7 heading towards Chile and Aconcagua the highest summit in the Western Hemisphere at over 6000 meters or about 23,000 feet. Still winter down here and the climbing season doesn’t start for a few more months. We were traveling with Lena are guide, who’s husband is a teacher and works in the summer as a climbing guide on Aconcagua. Route 7 is the main east west highway to Chile and there is tremendous amount of large truck traffic on this 2 lane highway. It was windy and cold at the ranger station at the park and a few tourist looking toward the towering summit above us which require 3 or more days to climb usually depending on the weather. 

Driving back we stopped in the small town of Uspallata which seems to be entrance to the mountain area with a number of small hotels, restaurants and store outfitting hikers, some skiers and climbers. We had lunch at a popular restaurant for typical Padrilla meal with is a grilled meats cooked over a wood open air fire. We had carne Assada, pollo (chicken), sausage and ribs following the first courses of empanadas, salad and papa fritas. Excellent lunch but a lot more then we could or should eat. Tomorrow we are off to Salta de Linda another beautiful area of Argentina.

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