Winter Lake Lodge Day 2

USAK_0717 (145 of 1040).jpgHad a great day touring via a Robinson R44 helicopter to the tundra and glacier. Hiked over the tundra with beautiful wild flowers and along the soft lichen and moss. We had a great lunch over looking to north and south fork of the Trimble glaciers. After lunch we hiked across the glacier looking at the huge boulders that were left as the glacier is retreating.

USAK_0717 (170 of 1040).jpgWe then take the helicopter back to lodge spotting a mother moose with her young calf and a black bear walking across the braided river. Tomorrow off to Anchorage via float plane and hope to be able to download and post some photos.


Southeast Alaska on National Seabird

We started our day with various hikes on Baranof Island. Beautiful hikes through temperate rainforest with old growth spruce trees and also recovering forest. Numerous ferns and lichens draping the trees and a number of banana slugs on ground and plants. The slugs favorite food include mushrooms.

In the afternoon want out of the DIBs which are similar to zodiacs and then sea kayaking. Saw a number of bald eagle and salmon jumping out of water getting ready to navigate to the streams where they were born to spawn and restart the circle of life. 

Tracy Arm

Today we cruised into the Tracy Arm from the Stephens Passage. The Tracy arm is a fjord with royal blue colored icebergs that have calves off the South Sawyer glacier. We kayaked around the icebergs keeping our distance as only 10 percent of the bergs are above the surface and they frequently tip over. The South Sawyer glacier has been retreating over the last 50 years.

We then took a photo hike through the temperate rain forest with Spruce trees, cottonwood, moss and lichens. There was many Salmon berry brushes of red to yellow color.

St. James Bay Alaska

This morning we awoke in St. James Bay along the Lynn Canal. After a good breakfast we were off on the Zodiacs (DIBs) looking for wildlife. We spotted a group of Harbor Seals lounging along the rocks and some swam out to have a look at us. They would pop up and have a look at us but kept their distance. Bays in this area were formed by glaciers which have now retreated. The Lynn canal is the largest fjord in North America with falls cascading down  from. the Chilkoot range.  

Winter Lake Lodge

Arrived today at Winter Lake Lodge via a DeHaviland Beaver on floats from Talkeetna, Alaska after a 45 minute flight. There are no roads into the lodge and we flew over vast area of tundra and lakes with serpentine rivers. We spotted a moose swimming across one of the lakes. 

Winter Lake Lodge is a beautiful small lodge with hiking, kayaking and helicopter hiking and trips to the surrounding glaciers. Tomorrow we are going in the Robinson R44 helicopter for flight seeing and hiking.

Alaska bound

Just passing Mt Rainer on the first leg on our trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. Beautiful clear day over Mt Rainer. Different view then when I climbed it 30 years ago with my friend Paul. Next stop is Fairbanks where we start trip to Denali National Park unless Trump has given it away to timber companies or mining.